Privacy Policy

ASOBOLABO Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) uses the personal information including customers name, address, mail address and etc. relating to an identified or identifiable nature person. (hereinafter referred to as personal information) properly. Our company takes the security of your personal information very seriously, and we take it as a responsibility for this society. The following is the way we are doing.

1. Definition of personal information
Personal information is about an identifiable nature person that may include his or her name, birth date and other descriptions and also, includes information that can identify a specific individual when collated with other information. This Act means information concerning an individual that can identify a specific individual.
2. Acquisition of personal information
Our company uses personal information when there is a need for products purchasing, inquiry under the specification of purpose in a legal, proper way.
Our company collects the following personal information.
a) Name and its spelling
b) Address
c) Telephone number
d) Mail address
e) Receiver’s information
f) The transaction history with our company and the contents
g) The above specification combination which is able to identify an individual
3. Use of personal information
Our company handles customers’ personal information as follows.
a) For order confirmation and inquiry
b) For confirmation of product delivery and inquiry
c) When replying an inquiry
d) For offering customer’s requested service
e) For giving useful information to our customers
f) For some other reasons which need to contact with the customer

Our company will never offer and expose the personal information to the third parties except for following situations.
a) We need to cooperate only in case it is base on laws, and also National institutions or local governments or the one was commissioned to carry out the affairs prescribed by law.
b) In case of need to protect people’s life, body or property, and there’s a difficulty to get the person’s agreement.
c) To exchange customers information to our affiliated shop.
4. For security management of personal information.
We make efforts and follow the laws and the service company takes charge of customers’ personal information in reasonable, systematic, physical, humanistic, technological ways properly. Our company endeavors to avoid information illegal intrusion, tempering, leaking.
5. Correction, deletion of personal information
Please inform us by the inquiry form to correct, or to delete personal information.
6. About use of cookies
For giving customers a better service, we may use cookies. This is not for collecting an identified individual information. It will not infringe your privacy. Also if you don’t want these cookies, you can also change the settings of the browser.
※Cookie is a data sent from a website and stored on the user's hard disk of the computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.
7. About use of SSL
When inputting data, for the security reason, and for the purpose of avoiding information interception, interference or being tampered, we use SSL(SECURE SOCKETS LAYER).
※SSL encrypts the data to avoid wiretapping, data falsification while sending or receiving mails. Sending mail by using SSL can be more secure.
8. Inquiry
Please call(06-6479-2140)or send us a inquiry form.
9. Change of privacy policy
When there are changes of collecting personal information and use purpose, or when there is a privacy policy change, our company will announce on the page.